Wakefield was founded in February 1992 by Tom and Wendy Garrett in Wakefield Virginia. Being locally owned and Operated helps with giving back to the community on a regular basis by hosting Food Bank donations, Produce sidewalk sales, Truckload meat sales, Snap extension food demonstrations, Early Childhood development program and Virginia Fresh Match.

Wakefield has an extensive grocery background with three generations of owners working together, all who are well supported by many young and bold staff members that range from brothers, sisters, parents, partners and cousins. The passion for serving our customers and fulfilling their grocery shopping wants and needs is second nature to our staff. We are a big family which shows in our superior customer service. As you will notice we have customers that travel long distances as well as our loyal customers that shop with us daily.

Wakefield is one of the few stores in Virginia that offer Virginia Fresh Match, offering 50% off fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables for customers using EBT. We source local produce and have several local vendors through the store. We also cut fresh meat daily, make fresh sandwiches and salads in the deli daily. We give back to the community by donating to all local Fire Departments, Police Departments, Food Banks, Churches, Sports Leagues and more.

Wakefield's goal is to be more than your standard local grocery store, beat the expectations of our customers and hold standards to a higher degree, there are real career opportunities here. The people that are making changes are in our store every day greeting staff and customers, and with this mindset we can continue to improve and grow our market and customers.